“I’ve been crafting and drawing since I was a kid, from making little pom-pom animals and clay dolls, to crocheting hats and needle felting cute goodies. I just enjoy making things with my hands very much. It’s really relaxing and satisfying to me.” 
Lotus’ connection to nature and animals is an important part of who she is. She creates her work in organic forms, experimenting and searching for different artful textures and appearances. 
Born and raised in Hong Kong with a passion for art and craft, Lotus studied Jewellery and Metalsmithing at OCAD University in Toronto. Two Little Dwarfs Jewellery was founded upon graduation, and named after her two spoiled tweenie Dachshunds, Moka and Clovis. Since then, she has been participating in art and craft shows such as Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and One-Of-A-Kind, and showing her work at exhibitions such as NYC Jewelry Week - Mulan 2019. 

Each figurine is handmade, in her Toronto studio, with lots of love and care. She hopes that her creations will bring a smile on your face.